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McKleyson Industries is an exclusive provider of Perma Kleen. We can distribute & even train your personnel on-site or at your facility on how to use this revolutionary product. Contact us at

What is Perma Kleen? Perma Kleen is an environmental friendly product that allows us to take advantage of the revolutionary polymerization process known as “London Dispersion“. This method enables Perma Kleen to turn ANY (hydrocarbon) into a non-hazardous glass bead (silica) that can ONLY be broken down in an extensive laboratory setting. (It would take 400 degrees and a heavy acid applied together in a lab setting to break down the chemical. This cannot and will not happen in any natural element). Typically within a 24 to 72 hour average, we can take contaminated soil and change it back to its original color while dropping the total petroleum hydrocarbons well below Federal E.P.A. requirements. In turn providing our clients substantial regulatory, financial and ecological advantages;

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Remediation Services

McKleyson Industries provides professional, extensive environmental & on-site remediation services. We have the ability to provide experienced personnel and equipment required to tackle your hydrocarbon (oil) clean up needs. [contact us for more info]